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Design Projects

Design projects of recent, showcasing my newfound love for AI-driven design work and past work in the industry. 

For archived work before 2014, you can take a gander here

Chainfuse is an AI-powered ROI tracker for community based platforms. Developed and co-founded by my colleagues at Google, I was on-boarded to build their brand, concepts, and design systems. Chainfuse is now in working beta.

ChainfuseBrand_ Mobile Exploration.png

Tasked at guiding their team in organizing their ideas and product features as wireframes while building a framework that their clients can use to develop their products on their platform: the ability to build a universal product tag via QR code that also connects to the product’s microsite that gives users and potential customers the ability to purchase, sort/collect, and view that product’s material data sheet, care instructions, and other sustainability and ethics information.

Section 1.png

As a visual designer at Google, I was tasked with a multitude of design projects that ranged from user interface, design systems, web design, illustration, visual design, motion design, production design, branding and logo design, and user experience design. My work has impacted millions of users and have been published on numerous of websites and publications. The design projects are broken down into two groups, as I worked in Google
Cloud as a web designer and Android Software as a visual designer (mainly UI).


Formerly known as Google For Work, I managed, maintained, and updated product pages found on and spearheaded the Google Maps Platform website in 2016-17 (now deprecated)

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