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I had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects during my time at Android. Managing visual repertoire primarily with Android Setup Wizard and Android Personal Safety, I also had an opportunity to work on Nearby Share, Features, Power Menu with gPay wallet integration, and future concepts for the Pixel 6 in 2020.


I left Google to take care of my mom back in Atlanta, GA, who was diagnosed with cancer at the time and was living alone. Alongside the Pandemic happening, I went into full-time care for my mom. 

Android Setup Wizard

Visual designer for Android Setup Wizard Out-of-Box-Experience (SUW OOBE)that handled design and styleguide updates to the Setup Wizard Library. This included communicating with our partners like Samsung and Sony on visual direction, do's and don'ts, and leverages allowed so that Android and our partners are able to maintain visual branding. Also ideated on concepts to improve the SUW experience.

Android Personal Safety

Lead the branding development of Android Personal Safety (logo, color, voice, tone) through the brand funneling process. Developed and assisted in icons, illustration, and motion and initial UI for Car Crash Detection, Emergency Contacts Setup, and Early Earthquake Detection.

Bubbles Feature

Assisted the Bubbles Team in several motion studies and design to provide look, feel, and physics of when the chat bubbles come in.

Nearby Share

Developed the official Nearby Share icon (formerly known as Fast Share) with the team formerly known as Android Beam. 

Pixel 6 Concepts

Before departing Google, I worked on some concepts for the Pixel 6 developing an editorial style feel for the home screen which dropped hard container styles for more subtle, "glassy ones." Through touch and feedback, parts of the container will light up to establish the invisible boundaries for a cleaner feel.