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Star Lotus

Visual Artist

Project Star Lotus is a personal initiative to connect with my Khmer roots through one of Cambodia's unique cultural marker: Cambodian classical dance. I built a team to assist me connect with Khmer Dance Troupes around the United States and document their technique, costume, and expression in Cambodian classical plays such as Moni Mekhala, The Reamker, and Monosachetena. What was suppose to be a one-off project, has now permeated through the international robam community, which now offers a foundation for me to contribute and elevate the visual and performance aesthetic of Cambodian contemporary and classical dance. 


Photography - Sokai Yoon

Team - Jerry V., Jerry K., Jimmy V., Anthony H.

Performers - Peter V., Chummeng S., Channa S., Sadira B., Vuthay, Linda, Neakru Devi, Lokkru Socheata 

Troupes - Khmer Urban Ballet, Cambodian Celestial Dance, Rachana Performing Arts

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