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Art Direction & Photographer

One day out of my Phnom Penh Trip I decided to rent time and space at the amazing @thestudiokh and do an open-call for portraits—inviting anyone to get a free portrait. This allowed me to connect with the people of Cambodia and while I don’t offer much, the least I can do was capture the essence of a generation painting the Kingdom with vibrant, beautiful hues I haven’t seen in the past.

Passing through Phnom Penh prior (in 96 and in 2011) during its recovery era—all I remember were its neutral, earthy tones. I’d prefer the province because of the greenest greens and bluest blues Mother Nature had to offer.

My eyes definitely opened during this trip as I marveled at Phnom Penh’s progress. The gamut of the city was truly vibrant! Painted by colorful personalities and forward-thinkers; the diversity and the energy is the type that every Khmer person who yearns for a connection back to a Kingdom is searching for—a Kingdom where their ancestors came from.

Megumi, while not Khmer, finds home in Phnom Penh. Learned to read, write, and speak Khmer, I am in awe and find it beautiful to witness non-Khmers appreciating our culture and sharing it back to their native homes; spreading the love and sharing the beauty of Khmer culture.

Thank you to all that came out and allowed me to connect and photograph you. It definitely widened my gamut of the Kingdom and gives me a sense of home and connection with you. Thank you for adding the vibrant hues of your life and making the Kingdom a more colorful place to be.


Photography - Sokai Yoon

Models - Kaliane, Pheak, Mara, Megumi, Sela, Kimmy, Deka, Peter, Seang, Jahzy

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