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Slaphouse Records: 2024 Brand & Identity

Art Direction & Photographer

To celebrate Kwan's new EP release, Sonmalai. Myself and Both Bou of Anagata Design decided to do a creative collaboration for Slaphouse Records.

I had the honor and chance to hang out with one if my favorite upcoming artists, @nawkwan and @maifern_barbiee of @slaphouse_. They are making strides in contributing to Cambodia’s original new music movement. I also discovered @mfatt1804 and @manndoss21 as well.

I had the opportunity to collab with one of my favorite design studios in Cambodia, who are spearheading some amazing projects advancing Khmer design in branding and typography. All three of us combined forces to create a small brand campaign for @slaphouse_

Thanks to the Slaphouse for showing me love and honored to collab with Khmer designer @both_bou of Anagata Design


Main Photographer - Sokai Yoon

Brand Designer: - Both Bou of Anagata Design Studio

Slaphouse Artists - Vito, Maifern, Kwan, M-Fatt, and Mann Doss

Studio: Studio.KH

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