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La Cima Cartel: "Archive" EP Press Kit

Art Direction & Photographer

I had a chance to collaborate with one of my favorite music groups from Kampuchea: La Cima Cartel. I've been a fan of @ycn.tomie and

@_rakhiee since my beginnings on Instagram, so it was a joy to be able to see meet them in person and the rest of the cohort ✨

Shout out to @rxthy.wav for giving me the opportunity to meet the crew, and hanging out for the few hours we had at @thestudiokh . Looking forward to doing more collaborations and work.


Main Photographer - Sokai Yoon

Manager: - Rithy B.

La Cima Artists - Hashi, YCN Tomie, YCN Rahkie, YCN Dizzy, Meezy 30k, All3RGY RAY, Muth Phearith

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